Electrical Vehicle / High Power

Raydiall is now offering a solution for the emergent electric vehicle market.

With 103 contact points in a single contact, Raydiall’s C3P6 connector technology offers a unique solution that guarantees an extremely low insertion force and can handle more than  10,000 mating cycles, ensuring a long-lasting solution.

Product range:

  • Power Plug 43 kW AC

  • Adaptor 22 kW AC

C3P6 power contacts

            • Multicontact socket for 6 mm pin

            • 103 silver-plated contact points

            • Tested at 125 Arms

            • Short circuit test: 3 kA, 5 kA, 10 kA, 15 kA, 2450 A/6 s

            • Mating/unmating force

            • Mechanical endurance: 10,000 cycles

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