Giving you Our Best

Raydiall excels in all key technologies required for connector manufacturing, as evidenced in the exceptional reliability of our products, systems, and accessories. In addition, we are avidly working on the next generation of connector technology to provide more capability, simplify automotive network architectures, increase power, eliminate potential points of failure, and reduce weight and costs.

Part of being the best is supplying products that you can trust for unrivaled repeatability and reliable performance. We continually invest in facilities and highly skilled personnel around the world that specialize in manufacturing capabilities critical to producing the finest interconnect components.

Manufacturing technologies employed by Raydiall include:

Plastic Injection: Material expertise, the design of production molds, and injection processes.

Precision Stamping: This technology encompasses the whole manufacturing process, from production tooling to surface treatment.

Automatic Assembling: This process is carried out with manual, semi-automatic or high-speed automatic equipment, supported by advanced control technologies. It enables plastic or metal parts, or a combination of the two, to be combined, as well as complex connector assemblies.

High-Speed Machining: State-of-the-art machining enables higher production of precision connectors, components, and systems.

Plating: A variety of plating expertise to ensure robust, reliable, uniform plating.

Plastics: Design and manufacture of production molds, plastic injection, bi-injection, insert molding and continuous injection.

Warranty: We proudly stand behind our products.