Raydiall’s new production site in China

Raydiall announces the startup of its new production unit in Zhenjiang, China. With this new plant, Raydiall has a goal in mind: to support closely our Asian customers. For that, we aim to develop local manufactures as well as commercial and technical presence in China. By doing so, we will ensure a better follow-up of our High-quality products.

In the past, Raydiall has indeed largely invested in an excellent quality process. This resulted in a better satisfaction of the market requests, especially regarding safety. Indeed, by equiping plants with brand new machines and training people, Raydiall now offer its range of products at the best quality ever. This means Fakra cable and PCB applications, but not only! Raydiall also sells Electrical Vehicle plugs, cables and sockets.

With this new facility in China as well as our longer-term plan to expand our manufacturing footprint globally, we expect to increase customer responsiveness. We also aim to dramatically improve transport cost for our clients and to speed up delivery time. All these expecations would enable us to meet the growing Asian market demand more efficiently.

The growing Asian market demand

Encompassing an area spanning 29.3 million square kilometers, the Asia Pacific region accounts for 60 percent of the world’s population. Indded, many of the countries in the region, including China and India, make up some of the fastest growing nations in terms of population size. Taking its increasing population into consideration, it seems no surprise that Asian economies and industries are evolving. One such industry is the automotive industry. Increased population produces increased demand for effective mobility – an effective mobility is exactly what Asia Pacific provides. The region has a reputation as being home to some of the world’s most esteemed vehicle manufacturers. The automotive industry, which includes the manufacturing of motor vehicles along with the appropriate parts, generates huge numbers of sales for the region with high levels of production. This makes it a core industry for many Asia Pacific economies.

Many countries across the Asia Pacific region stand out as strong competitors in the automotive sector. Japan, China, and South Korea all boast impressive car manufacturing companies. Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation was ranked the second-best car manufacturer globally by the end of 2019. China’s Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) has consistently exhibited increasing revenue and South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company stands as the third largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. Other recently emerged economies have also made a strong entrance into the automotive sector, notably the ASEAN countries. Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, the Philippines, and Malaysia have all experienced growth of motor vehicle sales.