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We are proud to annonce that Raydiall Automotive signed an agreement with Mouser Electronics is the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor. Indeed, it has the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components. And well, the giant decided to collaborate with our innovative high-tech company. Through this new agreement, Mouser broadens its interconnect portfolio ! As a matter of fact, it now offers a range of Raydiall’s USCAR-qualified FAKRA and automotive high-speed data connectors.

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Raydiall FAKRA cable connectors now available on include R3C straight and R3C 90° connectors.

Raydiall FAKRA connectors have turnable housing and are compatible with various cables versions. Moreover, the stamped and rolled cable connectors are automation friendly, with an interface-positioning-guaranteed design. It means that it can prevent pin stubbing or petal opening issues. In addition to this, Raydiall FAKRA connectors feature a patented one-step crimping terminal, which offers a multipoint crimping stage in a single operation. In fact, this innovation enables a significantly faster and more reliable process while reducing wire installation time.

Raydiall FAKRA PCB connectors are available in 90° and 180° variants.

On one hand, the FAKRA PCB 90° connectors offer nose orientations in various positions (3/6/9/12 o’clock). The connectors also support frequencies up to 4 GHz, with 50-ohm impedance and a 1000 megaohm minimum insulation resistance. On the other hand, Raydiall FAKRA PCB 180° connectors are lightweight and RoHS-compliant. Also, they support frequencies up to 3 GHz with a 50-ohm impedance. Furthermore, both the 90° and 180° variants are built with stamped and rolled technology and comply with pick-and-place processes.