A wider range of EV chargers for cars and buses

Raydiall strongly believes in the importance and the future of Electrical vehicles (EV). In this way, our company decided that it was our responsability to care about the environment.

Last year, global sales of new electric vehicles (EVs) passed a million units for the first time. Under the current growth trajectory, EV producers could almost quadruple that achievement by 2020. This means moving 4.5 million units, around 5 percent of the overall global light-vehicle market. Pure electric vehicles (BEVs) currently make up 66 percent of the global EV market. BEV sales are growing faster than those of plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV).

However, specific markets have very different powertrain preferences. These are mainly influenced by regulatory actions, customer choice, and well… the availability of specific models.

China solidifies its leadership position in EV sales

The Chinese market expanded by 72 percent over the previous year in 2017. Indeed and as stated in the title : China solidifies its leadership position in EV sales. The country now has a larger EV market than Europe and the United States combined. With a sales share of around 94 percent, domestic OEMs currently dominate the Chinese EV market.

Generous subsidies and tight regulation continue to drive much of the growth. For example, electric vehicles are exempt from license-plate lotteries and auctions in some Chinese cities. This obviously still plays an instrumental role in promoting EVs. After a successful pilot program in selected cities, the Chinese government decided last year to introduce an initiative. This program was green license plates for new energy vehicles (NEVs) across the country. At the end of 2017, the plates were rolled out to all provincial capitals. Other selected major cities, with the remaining cities, will follow in the first half of 2018. Car owners with these license plates will be eligible for preferential treatment. Furthermore, China’s national and local subsidies for electric vehicles are among the world’s highest, reducing consumer concerns about the comparatively high up-front cost.

Our take at Raydiall

Keeping in mind the rise of EV in the world and espacifically in China, Raydiall deicided to launch a 125A DC Plug dedicated to the Asian Market. Extremely robust, our DC Plug can resist the weight of a car driving over it! I also stands hard conditions such as rain, snow and extreme temperatures as low as -30ºC.

Moreover, our customers can personalize the color of the product! They can even add their own logo for better integration to the charger stations.

If you have any questions about our EV product, please go to our contact page.