Raydiall’s new Right Angle Fakra R3C, for waterproof applications, challenges the crimping time of the standard technologies in today’s market. Smaller than our previous products, more robust, it is easy and fast to assemble and assures IP67 and IP69K specifications. A great solution at the lowest investment. Our customers just need a mini applicator to be able to start crimping in only one step.

One-step-crimping process

Patented in 2009, our RC3 is a success story! Indeed, we are proud to say that our product has revolutionized the standard Fakra connector market. Since its arrival in the market 9 years ago, more than 200 million R3C connectors have been sold. Indeed, Raydiall sold R3C to companies worldwide and even for prestigious OEMs. The proof of this success is the 25% increase in sales achieved again this year.

Raydiall R3C Fakra connector allows users to start production at a minimum investment with the highest product reliability. Indeed, Raydiall introduced the one-step-crimping process innovation.

All Waterproof R3C connectors use our patented 1 step crimping technology.

We designed Fakra R3C connectors to reduce the wiring time. This innovation is possible thanks to a multipoint crimping stage performed in a single operation. This concept eliminated the control of the interface. It also enables a faster and more reliable process, but not only! Indeed, the one-step-crimping process lowers investment and reduces inventory.

In this way, we deliver terminals pre-assembled. Indeed, all our FAKRA R3C connectors are pre-assembled in-house, which means the center contact is already assembled in the body. Therefore, Raydiall assures the product quality. We take the responsability of the concentricity of the center contact. Our clients have less components to handle and the quality of the assembled product is guaranteed.

Waterproof R3C Fakra connectors: for what ?

Waterproof R3C Fakra connectors help harness, antenna, radio and camera manufactures to save time with the Raydiall patented one step crimping technology. One cable, one applicator, one Waterproof R3C Raydiall connector and you are ready to go (even if it’s rainy).

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