R3C FAKRA connectors – 9 years of trust

Patented in 2009, our RC3 is a success story of a product that has revolutionized the standard Fakra connector market.

Since its arrival in the market 9 years ago, more than 200 million R3C connectors have been sold to our customers worldwide for prestigious OEMs.

The proof of this success is the 25% increase in sales achieved again this year.

Raydiall R3C Fakra connector allows users to start production at a minimum investment with the highest product reliability.

R3C Fakra connectors help harness, antenna, radio and camera manufactures to save time with the Raydiall patented one step crimping technology.

We deliver the product components already assembled and we stand for its great quality.

One cable, one applicator, one R3C Raydiall connector and you are ready to go.