Unique Time-cost Saving Process

Patented 1 step crimping process

All R3C connectors use our patented 1 step crimping technology.
They were designed to reduce the wiring time, thanks to a multipoint crimping stage performed in a single operation.
This concept eliminated the control of the interface

Faster and more reliable process
Lower investment
Smaller inventory

Terminals are delivered pre-assembled :
The center contact is already assembled

1 step crimping with mini applicator
Cable, braid and center contact are crimped at once

Time-cost saving and more reliable process

Watch our one step crimping process video

Center contact pre-assembled

All our FAKRA R3C connectors  are pre-assembled in-house: the center contact is already assembled in the body. Therefore the product quality is assured by Raydiall. We take the responsability of the concentricity of the center contact. Our clients have less components to handle and the quality of the assembled product is guaranteed.

Crimp your cable with a single step

The cable and connector are assembled with a single step using a mini applicator.
Ask for Raydiall FAKRA R3C manufacturing kit and start assembling cables at the lowest investment.

Start processing FAKRA connectors at the lowest investment

Total investment requested for a complete workstation:
Stripping machine + press + applicator + dielectrimeter (continuity test) + table / chair + small tooling + installation costs

Standard stripping machine

Schleuniger CoaxStrip 5300

Standard press

Mecal TT

Custom applicator