Unlike most suppliers, our focus as a company is completely dedicated to the automotive OEM and aftermarket industries. We direct our energy into developing connectivity products and systems that work better, provide more capability, and are smaller, lighter, and more cost effective.
Our comprehensive product line includes :   

  • Connectors: straight and right angle types, single, and duplex , male and female types
  • Waterproof connectors
  • Cable connectors for RG-58, RG-141, RG-174, RG-316, RTK, etc.
  • PCB connectors: “solder wave” and “pin in paste”
  • Panel connectors: straight and right angle types

Raydiall has been providing high-quality machined die-cast and now 100% stamped Fakra RF connectors to the automotive industry since 2001. Designed for use in a variety of applications, Fakra RF connectors have become the workhorse of the industry.

Fakra connectors offer a standardized coding system, which permits easy and fast assembly. They also feature a locking system with primary and secondary locking that guarantees the highest reliability of assembly and contact. Even in vehicle areas that experience high stress, Fakra connectors will always provide accurate data transfer.

Our new Fakra PCB receptacles reduce weight and volume, and lower cost by using a stamped material in place of brass or die-cast materials.

Typical Applications

  • Vehicle Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Positioning Systems
  • Cellular Communication
  • Audio Systems
  • Telematic Systems
  • Keyless Entry

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