AC Power Plug – Type 2 – 43kW


  • Proven robust design
  • Lowest insertion force in the market
  • High reliability (guarantee for a minimum of 10 000 mating cycles)
  • Silver plated contacts
  • Several customization options

Operating current: 63 A
Operating voltage: 400 V AC
Operating temperature: -40 to 50°C
Mono / Tri Phase
Cable length: 5 to 10 m
CE 3rd party certification
Waterproof: IP54 unpluged / IP55 pluged
Plug weight: 0.53 kg
Cable weight for 5m: 6.7 kg

  • Cable length
  • Custom Label

R297CAZ1.05-00 (standard cable length 5m)
R297CAZ1.06-00 (standard cable length 6m)
R297CAZ1.07-00 (standard cable length 7m)
R297CAZ1.__-00 (other lengths under request)

Titre Description
R297CAZ1.05-00 Electric Vehicle 43kW T2 AC Plug - 5m - Datasheet - Raydiall
EV 43kW T2 Plug - English Flyer Electric Vehicle 43kW T2 AC Connector - English Flyer - Raydiall